Quantum Rebirth




 "Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact
your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life."

Ina May Gaskin 

What's the story of your birth?  Did anything go awry? 
Did you have an ideal birth plan that didn't go according to plan when your child was born? 

No matter what happened during your own birth or your child's birth the original vision is still valid
and energetically possible.

What happens in utero and at birth imprints us deeply.
Often this is when core beliefs about worthiness, safety, and belonging get programmed.

Quantum Rebirth session allows you to re-wire subconsciously held perceptions
and foundationally shift your life and current reality. 

Together we can do this for you, your child, your adopted child, even your future child.

Yep, it's pretty amazing!

What was the external situation happening while you were in utero?

Where were you born? A hospital or elsewhere?

Where was your child born? 

Were there interventions or emergency protocols utilized?

What happened right after birth? 

Were you able to connect and bond as deeply as you desired?  

Have you experienced a miscarriage or an abortion? 


Although you may consciously know the answers to some of these questions even more information is stored in your subconscious and accessible within the quantum energy field.

In a Quantum Rebirth session together we locate that information and re-wire the energetic experience of any birth,  yours,  or your child's.  We can also imprint a future child's birth.

It's even possible to rewire your body's cellular memory of loss and connect with the spirit of a child who did not fully enter into life due to miscarriage, birth complications or an abortion. 

What happens when we do this work . . .

Limiting beliefs that easily get absorbed in utero and at birth limit your access to vital foce energy
and constrict your life experience.  Re-wiring those beliefs:

Increases you or your child's sense of belonging and security in the world.  

 Unlocks flows of joy, love and creativity as yet unexperienced or only experienced in short stints.  

Deepens the conneciton with your mother and/or your child (depending on whose birth we're reimprinting).  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved?

Once your purchase is processed you'll be asked to fill out a worksheet describing the birth you want to work on.  You'll also get access to my calendar for scheduling the session.  Please allow 60-75 minutes for the session.  All sessions are virtual through zoom online conferencing which you can access via computer or smartphone.  

What is the Quantum Field?

The quantum field is the unified energy field beyond 3rd-dimensional awareness. It is a field of consciousness that exists beyond time and space and isn't visible to our 5 senses. It is however accessible to us energetically.  Neuroscientist, Joe Dispenza describes it as a unified field of an infinite amount of vibrating intelligent frequencies awaiting our creative activation.

About Karen,

Hello, my name is Karen Murphy.  I'm an energy integration practitioner and soul alignment coach.  I love supporting the evolution of inner source connection, personal re-parenting, and family transformation through my energy work, courses and programs. 

I'm here to nurture & hold space for the emergence of a world where there is spaciousness and support for everyone to be their truth, bring their light and grow into the highest and best versions of themselves.

Thank you for saying YES to activating deeper layers of yourself!

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