From: Karen Murphy <>
Subject: Unpacking your Elemental Superpower Quiz Results 🧐💼

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Hi Love, 

Big congrats on taking the Elemental Superpower Quiz! 

One thing I love about understanding (or INNER standing) our energetic pulse point is that it's simple. 
Complex systems are amazing and so valuable for so many things but it often stirs up our longing for simplicity.  

Knowing our core nature and that of our inner circle of people returns us to simple elemental awareness. 

Our elemental core shows us the path of least resistance for restoring balance and moving forward.

It gets us honest about who we are and what we're here to contribute. 

It clarifies our shadows and opens more opportunity to unfurl our gifts.  

Knowing ourselves at this level calls us to that field Rumi spoke of out beyond the roles of victimhood and perpetrator and all the emotions wrapped up in that polarity. 

Knowing ourselves gives us the legs to show up and be present to love deeper what is right here before us in any given moment. 
Such as: 

  • an angry child
  • frustrated partner
  • our lonely inner child
  • or all of the above -- because there are those days!

Unpacking both the triggers and the treasures in Knowing Ourselves allows us to come clean and come home. 

In the next few days, I'll be emailing deeper insights into all the elemental superpowers. 

Tomorrow we begin with AIR.  I'll share an air story, ways to nurture and balance your airy quality and support the air elemental people in your life. 

Of course, all the elements are alive within each of us and it's great fun to play with our inner air child regardless of which element is our primary.  Our airy selves long to run and skip and spin tales for us. 

Stay tuned!

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p.s. In case we haven't crossed paths before I'd love to share a nutshell of what I do. 

You know how most moms of the world aspire to create family culture infused with connection, adventure & joy yet are often caught in daily mundane routines, power struggles, and drama patterns and challenged to find the off-ramp to that more vibrant life?  I help locate the off-ramp and offer soul-aligned resources for creating a thriving, adventurous, abundant life.  😊